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Happy 2016 to you all, today I’m talking about SnapChat on the Blog. Who is a fan?? I’m a little bit obsessed. Those who are already following me will know this. The thing I love about Snapchat is it’s so fast. You can talk to your friends in little 10second video clips. Having been a social media fanatic for the past few years Snapchat really helps me to let my followers know who I am. It’s very personal, as I’m talking to the screen, it’s so real. I actually love video, it’s so much easier to get Your message across quickly.  It’s almost as good as chatting to friends in person. 

On my snapchat story You will find 

  1. Hair salon snaps, from work. 
  2. Some make up snaps. 
  3. Skincare snaps, mainly Image as I love the stuff. 
  4. Blog post snaps to let My followers know when I’ve written a new post. 
  5. Recipes live from my kitchen, I love to cook.
  6. Food snaps, as I share what I’m eating.
  7. Mirror selfies, I love a good mirror selfie it’s like my trademark.
  8. Outdoor snaps from when I’m out for my walks. 
  9. Invisalign snaps as I keep Everyone updated of how my treatment is going. 
  10. Shopping snaps, if I’m browsing then my snapchat followers are browsing too. 
  11. Restaurant snaps, I love to write restaurant reviews about where we have eaten. (This drives Mr Dillon insane) when I snap our meal. But hey, if the food is that good people should know ??

I love to follow other Bloggers on Snapchat. I love to watch what everyone is up too. From make up tutorials to cooking up healthy meals, there’s loads of interesting watching on Snapchat. I love watching others on snapchat and learning from them. 

I’ve put together a list of a few of my favourites just to introduce You all to some of the SnapChatters I’m watching and I enjoy daily. If You are wondering what all the fuss is about Start following a few of these guys to see what it’s all about. 

Fellow Blogger Kim Doyle of SoSoDempo is one of my Blogger buddies that I met through snapchat. Kim does Make up tutorials and treats us to little fashion shows live from her bedroom. Find her at @kimdempo

James Butler is another favourite of mine, He is absolutely hilarious. He torments his poor Mother on Snapchat. It’s pure Irish comedy at its best. Well worth joining Snapchat for, as You will literally pee in Your pants watching him. 

Waxperts Ellen is another star snapper I look forward to seeing what herself Conrad, and little Cooper are getting up to each day. Ellen always has great style a good selection from Penneys to Prada I always love her looks. Ellen is also a big fan of Image Skincare which I also love. 

Darryn is a fellow Unislimmer I enjoy his food and recipe snaps along with the motivational snaps of him out in all weathers getting his workouts in. 

TheCircleOfBeauty is fellow Mayo Blogger Becky Timlin, Becky works for Inglot in Galway and keeps us all entertained daily with great make up tutorials. 

I’ve Just recently added Katrina K2 Hair and I just love her snaps. Katrina owns a hair and make up salon in Cabra Dublin. Of course this is very close to my own heart as I have had my own Salon in Castlebar since 2007. Katrina does great hair and make up snaps as well as chatting openly about her daily life. 

I’ve only recently added RoseMary Mac Cabe but I’ve really enjoyed watching her over the last few days. I find her honesty refreshing. 


A few other snappers I love are Pippa o Conner, Marissa Carter, Kate Kelly, Bff Lisa, facesbygrace23, sosueme.ie, the make up fairy. Roz Purcell, AJ Fitzsimons,Beauty nook, TheNakedBlondie, Dramaticmac to name but a few.
I hope You have enjoyed this post and if You are on Snapchat come say Hi to me. Please give this post a share on Your social media accounts. 

Thanks for reading 

Love Maria 


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon