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Today’s Post is about using SnapChat for business. For anyone who doesn’t know me. I’ve run my own salon in Castlebar since 2007. Platinumhairdressing.ie is my small business and in this post I’m going to go through how I have gotten some great results with my SnapChat account. SnapChat is fairly gaining popularity on the social media circus these days. To some folk it’s baffling. However millions of us are totally hooked. Anyway I hope you enjoy the post. Let me know what You think, and please share this with anyone who you think may find it helpful.

Credit to Joanne Sweeney Burke of Digitaltraininginstitute.ie for planting yet another idea in my head from her recent podcast series. If You are doing social media for business You need to follow this lady. 


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So I’m a self confessed social media slut, I know I know I really can’t help myself. I’m the over sharer who hashtags like a maniac. I’m the #instahun who has to photograph every meal and I’m geo tag crazy. (By the way I’m highly insulted that there’s no Mayo geotag on Snapchat yet) I feel a campaign brewing. Ive been content creating since 2010 and using Digital platforms to showcase my work and market my business. Of course I had to jump on the SnapChat bandwagon as soon as it appeared. I’ve had my snapchat account for about two years now. ?mrspdilly2b?

Snapchat is a series of ten second videos or photos that tell the story of Your day. As a small business owner Snapchat is like advertising gold dust. Once You have built Your following You get to reach those people directly from Your smartphone to theirs every day. You get to personally speak to Your followers. You can put out whatever type of content You wish. For me personally as a SnapChat user I love to watch people who are giving me information. So as a business owner, I offer my knowledge and skills to my #SnapFam. Having been highly trained as a hairdresser in all aspects of Colouring cutting styling and chemical processes on hair. I’m very knowledgeable on the subject. As a lot of my followers tend to have hair of their own. ?? I offer advice on all types of “hair mares” be it styling, product reccomendation, or colour queries. I get a great response from my video content. I get loads of great feedback and interesting questions from my lovely followers. 

As a hobby I write about my healthy lifestyle here on this blog. I show healthy recipes on SnapChat and I show my food prep. Some meals and how I motivate myself to get to the gym when I’m feeling lazy. I love sharing this as it motivates me and I feel like I have accountability. I love to cook Im a real foodie and I have great fun showing this on SnapChat. All of this personal interaction has really helped to raise my profile and create awareness about my salon. Although I started off using my Snapchat as a hobby the two really compliment each other. I guess I stubbed upon this little gem accidentally. The more people that get to know me through Snapchat, the more people talk about my business and that’s how this works. 

All too often I see social media outlets being used for the hard sell. It’s all about special offers, discounts and deals. How about giving some information away for free??? Sharing some interesting tips that might actually help someone can really benefit Your business in the long term. If someone is having difficulty with a particular problem and You are able to advise and help them with a few sentences, why not? It will make You and them feel great. They in turn will talk positively about Your business and so You have great publicity. SnapChat allows You to do this. 

Building Your own online following is a smart move business wise. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are brilliant So is Instagram. However there can be so much content out there on the feed that Yours can get lost. It can be difficult to reach the correct audience at the right time.I think it’s important to keep a consistent presence across all platforms. All Social accounts need to compliment each other. I think at this moment SnapChat and Facebook live are galloping ahead because of the personal touch. People love to watch and listen to People. It’s up close and personal and it’s fast. There’s also no editing required apart from a filter. 

So there’s my thoughts on SnapChat for business. Snapchat lets Your followers into Your life a little bit. Takes them behind the scenes and builds personal relationships. It’s also considerably less time consuming than typing up posts. A two to three minute snapstory that happens in real time is all it takes. Easy peasy content created. I found talking to the camera a little crazy at first but I love it now. So my top SnapTips are;

  • Give helpful information 
  • Answer questions 
  • Teach a skill
  • Show a little humour
  • Be truthful 
  • Keep it simple and to the point. 
  • Keep Your selfie game strong
  • Enjoy and have a bit of fun & keep it natural. 
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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon