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As some of You already know I attended SoSueMe workshop in The Glasshouse Sligo on Sunday. If You are not already  familiar with SoSueMe, it is a blog\brand created by Dublin Gal Suzanne Jackson. SoSueMe is hugely popular amongst us ladies and I would regularly follow Suzanne on social media to keep up with the latest goings on.

so sue me workshop 031

Deep in blogger chat


If You have been following me for a while You will know that I started off running a busy Facebook page for my salon. This moved into an inspiring Instagram account, to track my bridal prep and weight-loss progress. Which in turn led me to writing a hairdressing blog on my salon website. This eventually brought me to a fully fledged Blogger and so MrsDillonsDiary kind of evolved really.

While I was planning my next big venture, I bought myself both Suzanne’s books just to get some inspiration. I absolutely loved them & read them over a weekend. I loved her story of always dreaming of the next challenge. I could really relate to that frame of mind because that’s how I had felt many times in my own life. I’ve always been ambitious and eager to move on to the next step. I love to be moving forward. I actually think its like a comfort zone for me and being stuck in neutral kind of puts the “fear of god into me” Sometimes I think I’m only content when I’m striving for something new and exciting.

So when I seen Suzanne was coming to the west, I purchased my ticket straight away. No way was I missing out on meeting her in person. I attended the event by Myself, I didn’t mind anyway I was sitting beside a lovely girl called Dee Moran who was also there alone. We soon got chatting and had a lovely day together. Dee  is a dressmaker and has her own business too.

Check her out here

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Dee with sue

So the day was absolutely brilliant, Suzanne gave us a great talk on blogging for the first segment of the day. I loved this and although I had already read the books, I still took in loads and it was great to hear in in person. I always think You cant put a price on the personal touch hearing someone’s story first hand is always worth its weight in gold. After the talk on blogging I felt ready to burst with ideas and inspiration for writing my own blog. I also felt relief knowing that Suzanne had felt the same fears I feel about my own work. Sometimes just knowing Your not the only one, is all You need to keep going.

Next we had a make-up demo with Michelle Montgomery, Michelle was using various different products but mainly Inglot. I have only recently become acquainted with Inglot   but I love it. The eye-shadows are amazing and last all day.  Carla Jackson, Suzanne’s sister was the model for the demo. Michelle  was using the SoSueMe range of brushes from Crown Brush UK. I treated myself to a set of these as they were available at a discounted price for the workshop.

Check out the brushes here

For lunch we were treated to afternoon tea. This was yummy and as I on a day off from my diet I enjoyed it immensely. The chat and banter was good craic at the table with the other girls too and we had a lovely time. In the afternoon We had a fashion show with some of Suzanne’s best picks from Oasis and Warehouse for the coming season and also some wardrobe staples. Carla  and the girls took to the catwalk to show us the latest styles . Suzanne went through her beauty must haves wit us as well and introduced us to her favourite products. At the end We all got to meet Suzanne personally. I thought this was lovely. I also Love how she interacted with the crowd. We had loads of chances to ask questions. In fairness nearly anything I wanted to ask had been covered so I didn’t need to ask much. I got to tell her all about my blog and my salon too which was lovely. I really enjoyed meeting her and I hope I get to see her again sometime.

All in all the day was fantastic and I would highly recommend SoSueme workshop as a girly day out. All of Team SoSueMe that were there on the day, were so friendly and approachable and were happy to chat to us, in a relaxed manner. I threw my camera to Dylan he was happy to take photos for me.

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so sue me workshop 018

here I am with sue

Here I am with Suzanne


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Love Maria xx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon