Hi Everyone

Hope You are all well, it’s hard to believe August is drawing to a close and it’s nearly back to school time.

A lot of People chat about consistency, it’s a word I regularly see hash-tagged on Instagram. I was recently chatting to a Friend of mine Who is trying to get Himself back to healthy habits after a break due to injury. Something He mentioned planted the idea for this post.

He complimented Me on my consistency and it really made Me think about How I have managed to “stay consistent” long term. I thought maybe I would write a post with some of My tips and hopefully it might help others. I often hear stories in the salon of struggles in staying motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

The thing about consistency is it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s about maintaining healthy habits as often as You possibly can. Allowing for a little indulgence but knowing when to stop, having self disciple while still enjoying Yourself.

Self awareness plays a huge role in living a healthy lifestyle. Being in tune with Your emotional wellbeing and recognition of emotional responses in relation to comfort eating is key. Knowing the emotional triggers of what makes you feel uneasy/bad/sad/uncomfortable. We all can have tendencies to reach for junk food when We are exhausted from work or stressed or feeling under threat or fearful. Even just the anxiety of a busy or testing day at work can leave us craving wine, crisps, chocolate etc etc

Over time our minds have built an association with that typical “couch potato” situation. We have been conditioned by what We have seen online or on TV that this is how to relax. You know the social media posts about opening a bottle of wine at the end of a long day and calling the take away. When actually the reality of this is it is just as relaxing to unwind with a delicious home cooked meal. A hot bath or shower and clean pyjamas can be equally as relaxing.

I’m not saying We should never drink wine, as I love a glass myself with good food on an occasion. I’m simply pointing out that it may not be helpful to our long term goals if it becomes a regular habit. Anyone looking to make a serious lasting lifestyle change really needs to focus hard on their daily habits and behaviours as these are the building blocks for long term success.


This word is hash tagged out of the park. Look up the definition of balance and You will find it means “an even distribution of Weight, ensuring an upright and steady position”

To remain balanced is to tick along nicely, cruising at a steady pace. No swaying into either extreme.

Keeping Myself on an even keel throughout the week really helps Me. I know this is really old school but routine works. I like to try and eat balanced meals at similar times throughout the day. This is great trick to feel full. What you want is to be satisfied but not stuffed. Equally by the time the next meal rolls around You should feel hungry but not starving.

After nearly five years into this journey I find avoiding either extreme and trying to stay steady works for Me. Of course there will be times when the scale tips either direction that’s just life.

One extreme will bring a direct sway to the other. Example a severe strict diet will usually be followed in quick succession by an all out binge. It’s only human nature, hunger will always breed greed. Knowing Your full switch and mentally acknowledging it can really help. This takes practice but it’s worth developing this skill as it has served Me very well these past few years.

When it comes to exercise, building up the regular habit is key. Exercise will make You feel good. Start small 20-30 mins is plenty starting off.

Make a decision and a promise to Yourself to exercise 3-4 times a week whichever is realistic and manageable for You.

Write it in Your diary either in your phone or on paper and stick to it.

You are doing this for You, nobody else. Make Yourself a priority.

You can advance to the fancier workouts in time once You are ready. Take one day at a time. No harsh diets no severe boot camps. Slow and steady wins the race always keep that in mind. This new lifestyle has to continue for the rest of Your days. It needs to be realistic and enjoyable.

Negative self talk is the worst culprit for failure, those little chats and tales We tell ourselves can be lethal. We are fiercely critical in the way We speak to Ourselves. This is simply a bad habit that can be corrected in time. It needs to be acknowledged, addressed and called out. Just stop. Every time You hear Yourself saying ” I can’t” “it’s too hard” ” Il start Monday” Cut that shit out asap You wouldn’t entertain it from a bully. Don’t do it to Yourself.

I’ll leave You with my favourite quote of all time. It’s one to remember. We have to keep working and trying to achieve our goals. Slow and steady in a way that’s manageable so We can allow for some treats along the way.

I hope You enjoyed this post and it is helpful in some way.

Thanks for reading and please share.

Love Maria

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon