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Hope You are all well. I’m a disaster as a blogger at the moment. Life happens and all that jazz. Work Home Gym etc etc It’s hard to keep up. If You watch My Instastories You know I’ve been experimenting with some Vegetarian recipes at the moment. I still eat meat too. Il be having roast Chicken tomorrow for Our Sunday roast.

I’m really enjoying adding some meatless meals into My diet. It’s good to have a variety and veggies are so tasty. Of course it’s important to hit those protein goals and make sure meals are balanced. Some veggie options can be very high in Carbs and Fats it’s important to keep an eye on the macros just to be safe. Anyway here’s a lovely recipe for You all to try. It’s easy peasy and tastes delicious. Be sure to let Me know if You try it.

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Stuffed Peppers


Large pepper cut in half

150g cottage cheese

50g high protein cheese (I use eatlean cheese I buy it in Dunne’s stores)

1 slice bread blitzed into breadcrumbs



Sea salt


Cherry tomatoes

Jalepenos (optional )

Siraccha sauce


Lay the pepper halves on a baking tray and spray with Frylight.

Bake until the pepper softens.

In the meantime mix the cottage cheese with the tomatoes, basil, jalepenos.

Once the pepper is ready spoon the cottage cheese mix into the peppers. Add some of the High protein cheese. Next layer with breadcrumbs oregano pepper & salt.

For the top layer use the remaining eatlean cheese. Sprinkle with oregano pepper and sea salt.

Finally drizzle a little Siraccha on top (optional)

Return to the oven and bake for 10-15 mins until Golden.

Serve with Salad

I added a little goats cheese & hummus for some healthy fats.

Pesto would also be nice with it.

Very easy recipe and contains 30g Protein 20gCarbs and 8g Fat

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon