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Hope you are all enjoying December so far. I have been up to my eyes with work so I’m a little quieter on the blog. It has to be done this month in afraid. However I will have loads of excitement for you all come January. 2016 will be a busy one for Mrs Dillons Diary. I’m looking forward to it already. 

We all over indulge a little over Christmas week. Three bad days wont undo all our hard work all year, but three bad weeks will. The year before last 2013 I literally ate like a pig. Cake, prosecco, crisps, chocolates, party food, wine etc. I did it for three solid weeks  when I went for a weigh in on the 30th  I had gained 9lbs. This makes me cringe to think about all that mindless eating and for what??? I can laugh about it now but it wasn’t funny at the time. Considering my total weightloss at that stage was only 16lbs. So what took 11 months to lose I had undone half of it in three weeks. It took me six weeks to lose it again.Well I learned a valuable lesson that Christmas, and let me tell you, it won’t happen again. 



So last Christmas I managed to maintain my weightloss. I put this post togeather to share my few tips on how to “manage weight” over the Christmas period. Hopefully you will find them helpful. I was under pressure last year as our wedding was looming in March. The very thought of gaining weight before the wedding had the fear of God in me. These are just a few things that worked for me.

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  1. Meal prep. This is always a winner with me. Having food prepared and in the freezer ready to go stops me from making poor choices.
  2. Go to your regular weigh in or class as often as possible.It dosent matter if you are up a pound or two after the nights out. You need to go and face up to it. It will help motivate you to make better choices.
  3. Schedule your treat times. If you have a party or an event. Write into your food diary example (party 6-9)Stay on plan through the day and once you arrive at the event take those hours off. Next morning go back to your plan.Pick out the days you have an event and stay on track the other days. 
  4. Do not buy junk food for the house too early. You don’t need any party food, 20 boxes of crisps, tins of celebrations etc until Christmas Eve. No they will not be sold out and nobody will visit without calling ahead first. I couldn’t have these lying around I’d eat them. All!!!
  5. Walk, get out for a walk. I Went out walking Christmas Day, Stephens day and the day after. I was off work and the weather was mild. It was really busy on Christmas morning down at the lake. There was loads of people out walking. If it’s dry and you have the time get out for an hour it will do you good. 
  6. Decide on a couple of days to take holidays from your plan. I chose Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and st Stephens day. These were my holidays, I treated myself to a few baileys coffees with cream and didn’t worry about the diet. The morning of the 27th December I was straight back on it. Back to reality and back on my plan.
  7. Try on clothes, this always motivates me. I can’t bear it if somthing doesn’t fit. It stops me from losing control.
  8. Don’t over eat for the sake of it. Ask yourself do you really want it? Is it worth it? Am I full?? 
  9. Drink water, keep sipping it will keep you hydrated.
  10. Try out a few healthy recipes. A change is always good. 


At my nephews christening yesterday

So they are some of my top tips for surviving December on a weight management plan. Of course I have Invisalign now so I can’t eat between meals. Well I can but il have to brush my teeth after. Every little helps eh??? I hope you enjoyed this post and you find my tips helpful. Thank you for reading and as always please share. 

Love Maria 


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon