Hi Everyone

Thanks to everyone for Your messages of condolences and to all those Who came to our home to pAy their respects to Mum. We really appreciate the effort people went to for us. We were blown away by the love and support wrapped around us by our Extended family, neighbours and friends. 

We held Mum with us in the home that she loved for two nights. We wouldn’t leave her alone in the church overnight. We kept her with us until it was time to say goodbye on the Wednesday morning. We walked after The hearse from our home in Snugboro, We did this as a mark of respect for all the years she dedicated to us. It was a lovely way to accompany Mum as she left home for the final time.

A huge crowd attended mass yesterday in Castlebar church. Everyone commented on the beautiful mass said by Fr Gerry Gillespe Mums first cousin. Fr Gerry Married our Parents thirty six years ago. We chose the readings, songs and prayers that Mum loved as a tribute to the wonderful life She had with Dad and us five and of course her grandson Lee. My brother David delivered a beautiful eulogy at the end of the mass. My sister Nicky spoke about Our parents thirty six year marriage. An achievement we are all insanely proud of. We were moved to see so many people there to support us on the day.

Thanks to everyone who followed us up to Castlebar Cemetery where we laid our Mum to rest for the final time. The lovely prayers and flowers and beautiful words are a comfort to us. We know that Mum is at peace now. We are eternally grateful to everyone who helped us through the last few weeks. Without the love and support we would never have coped.

Thanks again everybody, see you soon.

Love Maria xx 


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon