Hi Everyone,

We are going through a very tough time as a family at the moment. I have spoken about this in one of my recent posts. Our Mum is very ill, and is in hospital in Galway. I wasn’t sure whether to post about this or not. As MrsDillonsDiary.ie is a blog about my life and times, I felt it was only fair to let You guys know what was going on. I am heartbroken and trying to process  the tidal wave of emotion and raw pain that overwhelms me. I’m trying to remain as normal as possible and keep to routine, just to keep myself sane. Keeping up my usual daily tasks is keeping me grounded. I have been working in the salon all week and going to Galway in the evenings. I have still wrote some posts but I wont be as active as usual on the Blog while this is going on.

Thank You to all my lovely clients and friends who have listened and cried with me this week. Your kind words and support mean the world to me and it has actually very therapeutic to talk it out as a lot of You have had to endure this in Your own families too. Thank You all for Your patience and understanding at this awful time.

Bye for Now,

Love, Maria

Happier Times

Happier Times



Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon