So I treated myself to a pair of Nike Thea trainers today. I am always complaining of pains in my feet from standing all day. Yet another sign I’m an “oul wan” I recently have experienced inflammation in my hip. The result of years of standing all day long. I like to walk for exercise and for pleasure, so I guess my poor legs are feeling the effects. I’ve had some Chiropractic treatments for my hip and shoulder pain. I will do another post on this soon and tell you all about my experience. I have been advised by Lorraine in Revive Chiropractic to wear supportive footwear to balance my pelvis and stop me leaning on one side. Hairdresser problems eh??

Gawwwd I really am soooo old, arnt I??  

Anyway I used to live in flip flops in previous summers but since I’ve had this hip trouble I need to wear proper shoes. My Asics trainers that I wear out walking look totally ridiculous for work. So I was on the hunt for a some fashionable, functional footwear.

My new nikes

My new nikes

So after looking around in a few places, I dropped into Lifestyle Sports in Castlebar. A Lovely girl called Ciara who works there gave me great advice on shoes suitable for a long day at work.  I tried on loads of pairs and eventually found The One’s . They were €105 which is kind of pricy but as I’ll be wearing them everyday its justifiable right?

I went for the black pair as they will go with my work Uniform. I’m sure they will catch many a blob of colour on busy days in the salon. I was just saying to Ciara the girl in Lifestyle sports how I’m so glad trainers are en vogue these days. I remember a few years ago I wouldn’t dream of wearing trainers to work. I thought they were too casual.

So Hurray for cute shoes and happy feet. Thank You for reading and have a great bank holiday weekend.

Love, Maria xxx























Maria Dillon
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