Hi Everyone, Some of You have been following my Unislim journey. Last week I received my 7lb cert. I was delighted with this, as I have worked really hard. My Unislim leader Geraldine is a great support and always has loads of helpful tips and advice for me. This week I had a few things on, I was out for dinner on Saturday night. I also had  planned a trip to the Galway Races with my friend Rena. I had a particularly tough week due to a family matter also. I have to be honest ladies, this week really tried my willpower to the last. The two outings were planned treats, I knew I would be indulging in food and drinks on these two occasions so that was fair enough. I hadn’t really been drinking much lately so I knew I would let loose a bit at the races, and What harm??? You have to live a little. We all have our treat times right?? Were only human, after all.


What I hadn’t thought about was How is my relationship with food during tough times??  Well this one really made me think!!  In times past, I would have used food as an outlet for stress, that sweet sugary taste would have helped me to overcome my anxiety, with each gorgeous little bite. Every time I felt upset, fearful, out of my comfort zone. A cappuccino and maybe a maple pecan plait or an apple turnover, maybe a Galaxy bar would always comfort me through those difficult moments making it all ok. Really???  Its amazing what a little learning curve can do. 


Well this week I really put to the test. I was worried, anxious, terrified, emotional, and guess what I actually managed to eat properly. I’m  very proud of myself because I didn’t let everything go to rack and ruin. I accomplished two big tests this week and I didn’t succumb to temptation. On Friday night I was in Supermacs with my Husband and Son, they were both getting food and I didn’t get anything for myself. I had eaten my dinner earlier so I wasn’t hungry. A few years ago I would have got food anyway just for the sake of it. My second test came today. I had ordered cupcakes in Enrica’s in Westport as a present for someone. Now if You haven’t tasted these cupcakes You could never understand their deliciousness. They are amazing!!! So this was the ultimate test for me, but I passed. I went to Enrica’s picked up the cupcakes and I didn’t buy any for myself. I’m delighted with myself for these two major victories in the war against sugar.


jul 15 204 I went to my weigh in today and I was 2lbs up, to be honest I expected it. After being out on Saturday and again Monday night I had a few drinks for the first time in weeks. I knew the alcohol would have me up on the scales. You know what though, I don’t care, I had a horrible week and I deserved to go out for dinner on Saturday night. I deserved to go to the Galway Races and have a bit of fun. I enjoyed my treats and I got straight back on the wagon Tuesday morning. Back to the healthy breakfast, drinking water and salad for lunch. A few good days will soon undo the damage. a few words of encouragement from Geraldine helped me too.


When I look at photos like this one it reminds me of how far I’ve come, & no matter how tough things get I’m never going back. The photo on the left was on Rena’s hen in November 2012. The one on the right was last month just before I joined Unislim. I’m still not at my target but I’m not far off it. A little slip is normal, once You acknowledge it and move on.

My lovely friend Rena

My lovely friend Rena

So here’s to another great week on Unislim.

Thank You for reading,

Love, Maria


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon