Hi Everyone,

So great news I lost 3& 1\2 lbs last week. Of course 2lbs of that was the gain I had from Alcohol the week before, so technically I’m 1 &1\2 lbs closer to my target. I’m delighted as that is a total of 8 &1\2 lbs down since I started 5 weeks ago. I’m really loving the Unislim Plan as its easy to fit into my lifestyle. I have often referred to myself as “The slut of slimming clubs”  as I have tried them all. This is by far the easiest plan to stick to long term. Its pretty simple really, You just have to measure the carbs, buts its very easy to do. Heres a few examples.

Breakfast 30g, =1 slice wholemeal bread or 30g cereal, 1\2 wholemeal bagel

Lunch 60g = 2 slices wholemeal bread, a medium baked potato, a wholemeal wrap.

Dinner 60g= Wholegrain rice\ pasta\noodles 60g dry 180g cooked. Home made oven chips.


There’s great freedom with this plan as all lean protein is totally free. As are all veg, salad & most fruits, along with eggs, sugar free beans, chickpeas, some fat free yogurts etc. There are loads of recipes on the Unislim website so there’s no need to get bored of what I’m eating.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, We are going through a tough time as a family at the moment. Our Mum is in hospital in Galway so I have been driving up and down at least fives days a week to see her. This is a very testing time, and I have been known to use food as an outlet for stress in the past. Keeping to my unislim plan and making time to attend my class every week has really helped me not to fall off the wagon. Il admit there have been loads of times when I have craved chocolate brownies. Thank God I’m holding on for dear life and not giving in to temptation. There have been a few times when I’ve been driving home late at night and really wanted to stop at Supermacs in Ballinrobe. Ive managed to avoid the chipper though and wait until I get home and make myself a toastie on wholemeal bread.

11822801_886222331450463_9190726329422921478_nI have eaten out in Galway a few times, but I’ve managed to make healthy choices. Check out my Blog post on Lunch at 56 central. I find it easy enough to eat out on this plan. A chicken salad with a slice of brown bread, or a ham salad wrap, a bowl of soup, are readily available most places. If out for dinner, I stick to maybe fillet steak or a stir-fry. I’ve eaten in the canteen in the Galway clinic a few times and there are  healthy choices available, fruit, fat free yogurts, salads, soup, brown bread etc. I tend to take  my own sandwich from home where possible but if I’m stuck I’ll eat in the canteen. As far as hospital food goes its fairly good.

So all in all I’m pretty proud of myself, I’ve managed to stay on track through a very difficult time. So far so good anyway. I’m just taking one day at a time and trying to plan as best I can. I’m getting great support from Geraldine my Unislim leader, every week, this helps a lot. I haven’t had time to exercise and I miss my walks, I just cant fit them in at the minute. I’m hoping I’ll get back to it soon.

That’s all for now,

Thanks for reading,

Love, Maria xx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon